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About Pippi Longstocking

Pippi has had one emergency caesarean and two elective caesareans, followed by a VBA3C (her uterus did not explode and she and her baby did not die, as previously predicted by two consultant obstetricians). She has attended many births in her role as a doula and is also verging on the fanatical when it comes to making birth better for all.

Is a good birth down to luck?

So, is a good birth down to luck? Certainly if you’ve gone down the standard NHS Consultant Unit route and you come out at the other end thinking you’ve had a good birth, then yes, it is ABSOLUTELY down to … Continue reading

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Want a good birth?

As a doula, I’m not allowed to tell women what I think they should be doing regarding their forthcoming births – I can only let them know what their options are and what the pros and cons of certain things … Continue reading

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